Wisdom Teeth Extractions


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Wisdom teeth extractions have become common among young adults. It focuses on extracting hard to clean wisdom teeth in order to prevent the onset of serious and painful dental problems later.

Reasons for wisdom teeth extraction

  • Overcrowding
  • Wisdom tooth decay
  • Impacted wisdom tooth
  • Partially impacted wisdom tooth
  • Wisdom tooth gum inflammation or infection
  • Pain caused by any of the above

Extracting Teeth

Tough wisdom teeth are the most commonly extracted teeth, any tooth that has suffered trauma, decay or disease might be needed to be extracted. However, thorough dental history and teeth examinations conductedby your dentist, all possibilities are explored before extraction. Extraction of teeth is last resort in case it is not possible to retain your natural tooth.

Expert care during and after extraction

During the extraction procedure, the affected teeth will be under anaesthesia. Your dentist willgive you instructions on the care after extraction to ensure speedy and effective recovery at home. Also, your dentist may recommend restorative dental procedures like use of bridges, dental implants and partialdentures if necessary.