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Teeth whitening is a non-invasive dental procedure that lightens the color of teeth in order to enhance beauty and smiles. Though there are numerous over the counter teeth whitening tooth pastes, strips and rinses, professional teeth whitening procedures conducted by qualified dentists are the best and most effective way of whitening teeth.
Colton Dental and Orthodontics offers an effective smile whitening procedure that guarantees brighter& whiter teeth. The teeth whitening process is safe and the results are long-lasting so long as you avoid teeth staining agents like red wine, tobacco, tea and coffee. Proper oral hygiene is also paramount. Note that, teeth whitening procedures work on natural teeth enamels only.

Reasons for teeth whitening

  • Teeth yellowing due to normal eatinghabit
  • Stains caused by smoking, red wine, tea and coffee

What does teeth whitening involve?

It is highly advisable to get professional dental cleaning before undergoing a teeth whitening procedure. This ensures that you get better and long lasting teeth whitening results. Teeth whitening procedure begins with application of a protective material to the gums to prevent possible irritation by the whitening gel. The whitening gel is then applied to the teeth. Your dentist will recommend the right dental care routine to ensure that you maintain white teeth.