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Everyone hopes to have and maintain a beautiful and healthy smile. Unfortunately, common dental diseases cause tooth decay and tooth loss that not only make smiles unattractive but also affects a person’s self-esteem. Unknown to many, personal home care is the core for maintaining a beautiful and health smile. Start by eating a balanced diet, reducing the amount of sugary snacks you consume, brush your teeth at least twice daily or after consuming sugary foods.

Dentists recommend using softbristles tooth brushes.

How to brush your teeth;

Hold the brush at 45 degree angle and brush gently in small circular motions and ensure that the soft bristles reach the gums. Brush the inner, outer and biting surfaces of all your teeth. Use the tip to clean the inners side of the front teeth and always brush the tongue to ensure fresh breath and remove bacteria.

Your dentist may recommend using electric toothbrushes because they can be more effective at removing plague. You simply place the electric brush on the teeth and gumline. Regular daily flossing is ideal for cleaning between teeth and under the gumline.