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Colton Dental and Orthodontics

Colton Dental and Orthodontics offers dental care for all family members despite their age or stage in life. Proper oral health and caring for your teeth is important. Therefore, the dedicated staff members will develop a personalized preventative care routine for each of your family members to ensure that your teeth stay healthy and fully functional.

Dental care for kids

Though most parents do not take their children for dental check-ups, it is important for children to develop cordial relationships with a dentist while still young. Children mainly consume snacks and sugary foods that destroy teeth rapidly. Hence, they must be encourage to adopt good oral hygiene practices and go for dental check-ups regularly in order to enjoy healthier teeth and gumsColton Dental and Orthodonticsoffers dental examinations, cleanings and preventative services whichare tailored for kids.

Dental Care for Adults

Despite understanding the importance of visiting a dentist regularly, most adults experience dental anxiety that holds them back until an underlying dental condition worsens. A caring and understanding dental clinic team alleviates the anxiety by making you comfortable during the procedure and ensuring that you understand what a dental procedure entails and its benefits

Dental Care for Seniors

Unfortunately, people lose teeth as they age. Hence, the most common dental procedure for seniors is teeth replacement. However in Colton Dental and Orthodontics we offer different type of teeth replacement options like, implants, partial or complete dentures and bridges. We present and discuss the choices and help you choose the best plan pending your unique case.