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Cleaning and Preventative Care

Colton dental focuses on providing preventive care as a way of helping patients maintain their natural dentition and avoid undergoing serious dental procedures. Preventing dental infections or decays begins at home with good oral health and a balanced diet. It is further supported by regular dental check-ups, cleanings and x-rays. Fluoride treatment and sealants are used to prevent tooth decay and prevent the need for dental procedures like root canal and fillings.

Dental exams and cleaning

Regular dental examinations and cleaning are important because they ensure that dental diseases are diagnosed and treated early. Regular dental examinations include; evaluation for gum diseases, oral cancer screening, tooth decay examination and diagnostic x-rays. It is recommended to have dental cleaning by a qualified dental hygienist regularly.

Personal home care

How you care for your teeth at home determines how healthy and strong they are. Dentists recommend eating a healthy and balanced diet, avoiding sugary foods and snacks, and using dental aids to prevent bacteria and plaque build-ups. Brush your teeth thoroughly at least twice daily to freshen the breath and remove bacteria. Daily flossing is an effective way of eliminating bacteria and plaque under the gumline and between teeth. Electronic toothbrushes are easy to use and effective at removing plaque and bacteria.

Dental x-rays

Dental x-rays are safe and essential diagnostic tools that reveal information that may not be evident during a visual dental examination. They reveal; bone loss, abscesses, cysts, non-cancerous and cancerous tumours, decay between teeth and teeth development abnormalities.