Amalgam Fillings


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There are varieties of filling materials available and each has its own advantages. We will educate you and provide you the options and together choose the best option for our patients.

Silver amalgam fillings were the of the most popular for many many years. There was a time when they were the only choice available. But today, other options like white composite fillings or ceramic restoration could be as effective as silver amalgam fillings.

Silver fillings are strong and can be a good choice in cases involved with large restoration in molar teeth like cracked, broken teeth, decayed teeth, worn out teeth. A white composite can also work pending circumstances. However, we will discuss all your options and help you chose the best one for you.

What does getting an amalgam filling involve?

The procedure for amalgam filling is pretty simple and short. It can be done in a single appointment and do not require multiple appointments. After making sure your tooth is numb, decay or damaged part is removed and prepared for the amalgam filling. In cases were the affected area is too close to the nerve of the teeth, we will add a protection layer to help avoid any future sensitivity prior to placing the filling material and restoring the tooth to its original shape and function.